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My girl couldn't be much happier than now. Her eczema is manageable and we just ordered 3 more bottles today!  

wonder skin is simply amazing!

rAudhah., my 

My experience so far with Wonder Skin has been amazing! This oil is not greasy at all, easily absorb onto my skin and very very moisturizing for my itchy flaky skin. I apply it diligently twice everyday, in AM and PM. It calms and helps heal my eczema tremendously. 


rACHEL J., us 

For years I have been on corticosteroid cream for my inflamed and itchy skin. I tried many products out there but nothing helps. Finally this came, and I bought it and tried it. In a month time, my skin improves immensely. Wonder Skin helps soothe my skin and smooth out the rough patches. This gives me enough reason to comeback to restock my bottle. This is my 7th time purchasing it. It really keeps my eczema at bay. 

i say no more to steroidal cream because i found you (eori)...

jennifer w., uk

My son's has his eczema all over his face and body. It is hard to ask a kid not to scratch when he is itching from his eczema. We tried numerous eczema lotions out there to help soothe his skin but nothing has worked until we found this oil. Since using it, we notice a big improvement on his skin, he no longer wakes up at night scratching and crying. This product takes away all the itch, redness and dryness. His eczema almost cleared up now.

we found a natural remedy for our son, danny

catherine b., sg